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September 12, 2017

Counseling, Reviews, & Handling Difficult Employees in the Workplace
This webinar will assist employers, managers, and supervisors with the often fraught area of handling under-performing employees. Employers often fail to effectively counsel and review their employees, resulting in unnecessary conflict and/or litigation. Sometimes, an employer may fail to properly document their counseling. Or, an employer may over-document an employee’s issues, leading to feelings of over-supervision. The webinar will provided practical guidance on giving and documenting verbal and written warnings/counseling; preparing, reviewing, and giving performance reviews; best practices for performance, counseling, and review policies; and how to handle the complaining/litigious employee.

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October 10, 2017

Workplace Accommodations, FMLA and ADA
Employer responses to employee medical issues is one of the greatest sources of employment litigation today. Oftentimes an employer will try to do the right thing but may fail to properly document their efforts. Or, an employer may feel that their employees are taking advantage of a medical issue to get out of work or guarantee employment in spite of under-performance. This webinar is designed to give employers practical guidance on how to approach an employee’s medical issues, how to document efforts to accommodate those issues, and how to deal with a disabled employee’s performance issues.

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November 14, 2017

Minimizing Social Media and Other Risks of the Holiday Party
This webinar is a terrific opportunity for anyone interested in how to appropriately prevent employment liability at the company holiday party. Proper assessment of the risks of company’s party plan and its social media policy can be the ounce of prevention that cures the potential post-holiday blues. Our presenters will share real-life experiences and explore a variety of pitfalls and problems they have seen from poorly planned holiday parties. Presenters will also discussed how party planning could be improved and help employers think through updating their policies.

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December 12, 2017

How to Document an Employee File
The employment relationship is not static. Too often, employers forget that both the employee and employer can change of over the course of time, until it is too late. A properly documented employee file is part of a supervisors’ obligation to the company and is essential when issues in the employment relationship arise. In this webinar, Gordon & Rees attorneys will provide important advice on developing an effective process to document an employee’s file.

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