Stacey M. Cooper
San Diego

Stacey Cooper has represented hotels, restaurants, retail establishments, transportation companies, government contractors, and other businesses in matters involving wage and hour lawsuits, wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination, breach of contract, and violation of the ADA. In addition to defending employment litigation matters, Stacey works to assist her clients in developing policies and procedures designed to minimize the risk of law suits, and particularly, the risk of class action law suits. Specifically, she routinely counsels her clients on compliance with federal and state wage designations, alternate pay structures, meal and rest period policies, wage and hour compliance, and other employment related matters.

Where necessary, Stacey has assisted her clients with reducing its work force by preparing severance agreements, assisting with exit interviews, and working with federal and state government agencies to ensure compliance with regulations governing large scale, or government contract related layoffs.

J.D., University of Colorado Law School
B.A., University of Washington

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